Founded in 1928 with the representative Martin Schlosser during a meeting in the inn “Zum goldenen Fisch” (“Fischwirt”), since then the association had been enjoying a steady increase in popularity. During the interwar period they were playing on the freezed Isel whereas from the 1950s several matches took place in the near Puster Valley of South Tyrol and Möll Valley in Carinthia. The 50-years-anniversary in 1978 and the 70-years-anniversary in 1998 were celebrated largely. At the National Championships of Tyrol the association participated and participates regularly and with pleasure.
lisl gaggl-meirerLisl Gaggl-Meirer, born 1940 in Lienz/Austria, started her photographic studies and career right there, in Lienz/East Tyrol. Following an early marriage and besides taking care of a big family she finished her education and started her personal vision of capturing the Tyrolean landscape’s beauty with the camera. This resulted in nature pictures often used in ads and calenders. Lisl Gaggl-Meirer has also always been interested in shooting pictures of people as well as art objects. She has portrayed quite many weddings and family festivities. She has documented East Tyrolean art on postcards and in coffee table books. Lisl Gaggl-Meirer still lives and works as a photographer in Lienz. 

The section of BergrettungsdienstBruneck – Brunico of AlpenvereinSüdtirol
The founding of the Bergrettungsdienst Bruneck in the Alpenverein Südtirol in the early 1950s deals with many aspects – the main one is a training course of Wastl Mariner at the Berliner Hütte in the Zillertal/North Tyrol where many different salvage ways have been taught. The mission statement „Same methods, same technique, same measures“ in the whole Alpine regions was to be refined in the decades to come. Regarding high mountain tours during the summer as well as assignments after winter avalanches, nowadays one cannot imagine emergency services without the Bergrettungsdienst.


Il sorgere del servizio di soccorso alpino in Alto Adige negli anni '50 come parte integrante del Alpenverein di Brunico (l'Associazione Alpina Tedesca) è strettamente collegato al primo corso di formazione per soccorso alpino svoltosi nel Tirolo del Nord. Il corso tenuto nel Zillertal, presso il Rifugio Berliner, da Sebastian (Wastl) Mariner é dedicato soprattutto all'istruzione ed al perfezionamento dei metodi e delle tecniche di salvataggio ed alla loro unificazione. Tra i noti partecipanti al corso di soccorso alpino vi erano nientemeno che i fratelli Bernhard e Norbert Feil, Toni Bachmann, Hans Frisch, Günther Niederkofler, Sepp Gartner, Pauls Andres, Pepi Corradini e Franz Selm.
L'unificazione di tecniche e metodi di soccorso in tutto l'arco alpino è quindi stata consolidata grazie a tale iniziativa, seguendo assiduamente il motto "Lo stesso metodo, la stessa tecnica, gli stessi mezzi" e nel corso dei decenni tali tecniche sono state ulteriormente perfezionate. Il soccorso alpino nei decenni è diventata un'istituzione fissa, che oggigiorno assume importanza vitale dedicandosi nei mesi estivi al soccorso in alta montagna nonché durante il periodo invernale al servizio di soccorso valanghe.