Help for Search

There are different ways to search the website of the Tyrolean Archive.

  1. Basic Search
    The basic search is located at the top (header) of the site. Type in a keyword in "Enter your search term" (note spelling carefully), then this keyword is searched for at the whole site. The result is displayed in the main window after clicking on "Search".
  2. Advanced Search
    The advanced search can be reached by clicking on "Advanced Search" at the top (header) of the site. The advanced search opens in the main window of the website. Here, I can search for images and information in four different kinds via using drop-down boxes.

a.       Combined Search
In the combined search, I can look at images of a particular photographer, taking into account different places as well as certain keywords.

b.      Search by Location
Here I can find a special place.

c.       Search by Keyword
The team of the Tyrolean Archive records keywords for each photo. I can search via these keywords

d.      Search for people
Persons referred to in this search box are both photographers as well as persons who are shown in the pictures.