Tyrolean Archive of photographic documentation and art (TAP)


The Tyrolean Archive is a permanent and sustainable institution for the historic regional area "Tyrol - South Tyrol".

Using the medium of photography, the Tyrolean Archive manages to convey the connecting element within the European Region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino.

The Tyrolean Archive is both a factor of identity at local / regional level and an essential contribution to cross-border documentation of the entire country's development.

The Tyrolean Archive is a unique memory storage of knowledge protection and knowledge transfer.

The Tyrolean Archive is an innovative stimulus for photo art in North, East, and South Tyrol.



From January 2011 to March 2015 the Tyrolean Archive with its offices in Lienz and Brunico was funded with financial means of the European program Interreg IV Italy-Austria and subsequently, up to the end of 2016, by the governments of Tyrol and South Tyrol. From January 2017 until December 2019 the EU Interreg V project “Lichtbild/Argento vivo” was realized. In 2020/21 the Tyrolean Archive is financed by the State of Tyrol, the Foundation Südtiroler Sparkasse as well as the municipalities of Lienz, Bruneck - Brunico, and Innsbruck.


Association Board Members:

Chairman: Dr. Richard Piock
First Deputy Chairman: LA DI Elisabeth Blanik, Mayoress of the Town of Lienz
Second Deputy Chairman: Dr. Ursula Steinkasserer Goldwurm, Councillor of Education, Town of Bruneck - Brunico
Recording Clerk: Architect DI Peter Paul Rohracher, Lienz
Treasurer: Dr. Christian Steininger, MBL, Notary, Municipal Council of the Town of Lienz
Dr. Sonja Hartner, Director of the Town Library of Bruneck - Brunico


Association Manager:

Mag. (FH) Mag. Oskar Januschke, Head of the City Marketing Department and the Department of Environment and Civil Protection of the Town of Lienz


The team of the Tyrolean Archive:

Director: Dr. Martin Kofler, MA
Employee: Evelyn Müller


The Strategy

The key words of the physical protection, accessibility and promotion of the photographic cultural and historical treasure from Tyrol and South Tyrol are: purposeful collecting – high quality digitalizing – long-term archiving – communicating by Internet portal, exhibitions, and workshops.